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About my person

I was born in 1960 in Istanbul.
I attended the Armenian Esayan primary school and then I graduated the Austrian High School St. George in İstanbul.

After my short term studying periods at Yildiz and Bosphorus Universities I graduated from the tourism-business faculty of the University of Istanbul.
Later I visited the guide-school of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and graduated as a professional tour guide.
In this way I accomplished my goal to be a comprehensive educated tourism professional.
Since 1983 I’m guiding in English, Greek, German, Armenian and Turkish   through Turkey. During this time I guided for over than 25,000 guests.
I married my wife in 1998 and we have 2 sons born in 2001 and in 2004.
My particular hobbies are besides history and archaeology, music, collection of coins, handicraft, reading and movies.
Furthermore as a guitar player and amateur composer I like to entertain the people   and also I like to tell jokes and listen to some.

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