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Do you know...
Do you know that ...

... the Asian side of Turkey is called Asia Minor?

... Turkey is the world’s fourth biggest silk producer?

... there is a time difference of 76 minutes between east and west of Turkey?

... Noah’s Ark stranded on Ararat Mountain in Asia Minor?

... Turkey is the world’s biggest producer of hazelnuts and apricots?

... the richest boron mine reserves are Turkey?

... most of the places mentioned in the Bible are located in Turkey?

... the poet Aisopos and Paniasis, the mathemathicians Theon, Appolonius,   Thales, his students Anaximandros and Anaximenes, the philosophers   Xenophanes, Heraclit, Anaxagoras, Arkesilaos, Kleanthis, Parmenidis, the logician Apollonides, the rhetoricians Aristides and Lucianos, the   painters Apellesand Parhasios, the scientists Artemidoros, Democritos,   the geographer Hecatios, the historian Herodotos, the architect and   philosopher Hippodamos, the musician Timotheos and St. Nicholas, also   called Santa Claus, are born in Asia Minor?

... many Turkish names are derived from daily life?

... Catalhöyük, in the vicinity of Konya received the title of "city" or "polis" for the first time in the world?

... the very first peace treaty of the world was concluded between the Hittites and Egyptians?

... parchment paper was invented for the first time in Pergamum?

... the "ecumenic" title is used in Asia Minor for the first time?

... all Ecumenical Counsils of the Christian world were performed in today’s Turkey?

... all the 7 Churches of the Revelation of St.John are located in today’s Anatolia?

... the very first chariots are used by the Hittites?

... the two of the 7 Wonders of the ancient world were located in today’s Turkey?
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